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Balneário Camboriú is undoubtedly one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Brazil. With an exclusive location along highway BR 101, the city is extremely easy to reach, whether traveling by air, land or sea. Balneário Camboriú is a destination recognized for a high level of safety, care and service.

With an extension of approximately 50km², the city is home to one of the largest hotel complexes in southern Brazil. The city is prepared to receive any type of tourism, whether for leisure or business purposes. Balneário Camboriú infrastructure appeals to a wide range of travelers, from families to young people, and those enjoying their retirement years.

The city is home to an excellent gastronomical experience, with options ranging from traditional seafood dishes to the highly sophisticated international cuisine.

If you’re a big shopper, Balneário Camboriú is the perfect destination. In addition to being home to one of Brazil’s main shopping malls, Balneário Camboriú also offers a range of outdoor shopping experiences that are open late.

In terms of leisure activities, Balneário Camboriú offers 9 different beaches that are perfect for travelers with a wide range of interests, including beaches with waves that are ideal for surfing, beach clubs for guests looking to enjoy the city’s nightlife, quieter beaches, and of course the Central Beach, home to BC’s main strip.

There is also no shortage of tourist attractions in the city. There are dozens of options available for you to enjoy, regardless of the purpose of your trip. Reserve your room at Hotel Gumz now and start planning your trip to Balneário Camboriú.

Foto: Rodrigo Luft

Distances to Nearby Attractions







Nova Trento










Porto Alegre


São Paulo



Aeroportos próximos a BCAeroportos próximos a BC
  •  Aeroporto Internacional de Navegantes (NVT)
    15km (via Ferry Boat) | 33km (via BR 101)
  •  Aeroporto Internacional de Florianópolis (FLN)
    95km (via BR 101)
  •  Aeroporto de Joinville (JOI)
    114km (via BR 101)

Our Beaches

One of Balneário Camboriú’s main attractions is undoubtedly the city’s 9 beaches. The city’s most popular promenade is Central Beach, which extends for approximately 7km and offers a range of gastronomy and shopping options. The beaches Buraco and Prainha are located to the north of the city. The beaches Laranjeiras, Taquarinhas, Taquaras, Pinho, Estaleiro and Estaleirinho are located south of the city and are easily accessible through the Inter-Beach Highway (Rodovia Interpraias)

  • Praia central
  • Buraco
  • Prainha
  • Laranjeiras
  • Taquarinhas
  • Taquaras
  • Pinho
  • Estaleiro
  • Estaleirinho

Shop til you drop

One of Balneário’s Camboriú’s main draws is its commerce and you will be amazed by the diversity of available options, all of which offer different hours of operation and easy access. Upon arriving in the city, guests will immediately notice the street markets located along the city’s main avenues and the shopping malls and boulevards that are home the most well-known and globally recognized brands.

Tourist attractions

Alameda Gumz

Famous for its colorful umbrella covering, as well as its excellent gastronomy and shopping options, Alameda Gumz is the perfect place for a selfie. Alameda is also home to Hotel Gumz.

Pirate Ship

Embarking from Barra Sul, the area’s Pirate Ship offers super fun themed tours and interactions with real-life pirates on board one of the 4 available boats.

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Brooklyn Alley

Located on 1100th Street, near Hotel Gumz, Brooklyn Alley is a street gallery where guests can explore a wide range of arts, music and gastronomy.

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BC by Bus

See Balneário Camboriú from from another angle on board a bus specifically designed for urban tours. With an open top, BC by Bus offers an exclusive view of the city’s streets, landscapes and attractions.

Cristo Luz Tourist Complex

How about enjoying the sunset while standing at the feet of the Christ Light? In addition to the 33-meter high monument from which the complex gets its name, Cristo Luz offers excellent gastronomy and leisure options. It is even possible to arrive at this sight using the free transport that travels along several different stretches of Avenida Brasil.

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FG Big Wheel

Located on the north side of Central Beach, FG Big Wheel is the largest stay cable Ferris Wheels in Latin America. Each pass lasts an average of 20 minutes and provides stunning views of the city from different angles. FG Big Wheel is a truly unique experience that can also be enjoyed at night.

Oceanic Aquarium

At Oceanic Aquarium, you will find 25 enclosures that are divided between fresh and salt water that are home more than 130 species from all over the world. You will be amazed by the aquariums sharks, seahorses, octopi, clownfish, penguins, alligators, otters, anacondas, stingrays, bird sanctuaries and more.

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Unipraias Park

One of Balneário Camboriú’s traditional tourist attraction, the Unipraias complex connects 3 different stations through means of 47 modern aerial cable cars with a capacity for up to 8 people. This is the only cable car park that connects 2 beaches! You can start your trip at either Barra Sul or Laranjeiras station. Both cars climb to the Mata Atlântica station, which offers several attractions, including Youhooo! the Fantastic Forest and the Zip Rider.

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San Miguel Tour

The city’s original boulevard. With a pleasant and charming appeal, San Miguel offers several options for gastronomy, fashion, art and children's entertainment.

PZ Ecomall

A complex that combines gastronomy and leisure, PZ Ecomall is Balneário Camboriú’s first sustainable shopping facility. PZ is also home to the world’s tallest wooden sculpture, with a total height of 10.8 meters.

Balneário Camboriú Zoo

With a total area of more than 41,000 meters and 740 different animals, including mammals, birds and reptiles, the zoo is attached to the new Balneário Camboriú Event Center, which is located along highway BR 101. The zoo’s environmental complex is home to animals such as lions, tigers, alligators, llamas, birds, snakes and more.

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Natural and historical attractions

BC is also home to natural and historical attractions that are open to the public, such as Morro do Careca Tourist Complex, Raimundo Malta Natural Park, the Barra District, Molhe da Barra Sul, Molhe da Barra Norte, the Pontal Norte Deck, among others.

Foto: Diovan Luidi

Regional Tourist Options

Praia Brava in Itajaí

Famous for offering waves that are ideal for surfing, as well as its beach clubs, Brava de Itajaí beach is the perfect choice for guests looking for a lot of hustle and bustle at any time of the day

Beto Carrero World Park

Located in the city of Penha, 36 km from Balneário Camboriú, Beto Carrero World Park is Latin America’s largest multi-theme park. The Park is home to more than 100 attractions that offer an adrenaline rush, a charming experience, and fun for the whole family.

Diving in Bombinhas

Located 35km from Balneário Camboriú, the city of Bombinhas is recognized for its available diving options. In Bombinhas, guests can enjoy the wonders of the deep, with a wide variety of fish, sea turtles and stingrays.

Rural tourism in Camboriú

The rural areas located in the neighboring municipality of Camboriú are an excellent option for guests looking to combine the beach and a day full of attractions. In Camboriú you will find horseback riding, colonial coffee, pay to fish activities and trails.

Foto: Diovan Luidi
German Ancestry Route - Blumenau and Pomerode

A city tour along the region’s German Ancestry route is a excellent choice for lovers of German cuisine and beer. With a total distance of 60 km away, tours include a visit to the German Village located in Blumenau, as well as Pomerode’s breweries, museums and historical attractions.

Religious Tourism in Nova Trento

Located just over 60km away from Balneário Camboriú, the city of Nova Trento is Brazil’s 2nd largest hub for religious tourism and was the home of Santa Paulina, Brazil’s first recognized saint. Each year, thousands of pilgrims visit the site, seeking to renew and explore their faith.

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